Gameland - provide a tool for analysis players graph


Gameland - provide a tool for analysis players graph

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Gameland is developing a highly customized player profile analysis tool for Merit Circle. This tool collects, analyzes, and visualizes player data to provide in-depth insights into player behavior, preferences, and engagement. It helps you gain a better understanding of your player community, optimize gaming experiences, offer personalized recommendations, and increase user engagement. If adopted this proposal will result in Merit Circle DAO funding Gameland with up to $80,000 to develop a customized player profile analysis tool for Merit Circle.

Specification of the proposal

Gameland has established a new game social data analysis system. On one hand, transforming structured data into readable pages can help users better understand and analyze game data. On the other hand, combining with the real user review ecosystem can provide valuable feedback and optimization suggestions for developers, thus achieving a more fair, transparent, and sustainable game ecosystem.

Gameland adopts an open data graph, which can help users and developers manage their game network data more easily and return the ownership of social data to users. This means that users can better control their own data and decide whether to share it to get a better gaming experience.

In summary, Gameland’s new game social data analysis system can help game users and developers better understand and manage game data, thus achieving a more fair, transparent, and sustainable game ecosystem.


【Specific Features】
Our player profile analysis tool will provide the following key features:

Data Collection and Integration: Automatically collect and integrate player data from various games, including behavior, interactions, and game metrics.

Data Analysis and Insights: Utilize advanced data analysis techniques and machine learning algorithms to provide real-time player insights and behavior pattern recognition.

Personalized Recommendation Engine: Offer personalized game content recommendations and activity suggestions based on player interests and behaviors to increase player engagement and retention.

Visual Reports and Dashboards: Provide intuitive data visualization reports and dashboards displaying key metrics, trends, and player behavior patterns to help you quickly understand and interpret the data.

Real-time Monitoring and Alerts: Monitor player activities and game metrics, providing real-time alerts and notifications, along with proactive alerts for key events and trends.

User Segmentation and Cohort Analysis: Perform user segmentation and cohort analysis based on player characteristics and behaviors to gain a more precise understanding of different player segments’ needs and preferences.

Interactive Data Exploration: Provide interactive data exploration tools that allow you to freely explore and discover potential patterns and trends within player data.


In-Depth Understanding of Player Community: Through data-driven analysis, we uncover player behavior patterns, preferences, and interaction styles, providing you with comprehensive player insights.

Personalized User Experience: Based on players’ interests and behaviors, we offer personalized recommendations, activities, and rewards, enhancing user engagement and loyalty.

Optimizing Game Design: By analyzing player feedback and data, we provide suggestions on game mechanics, level design, and social interactions, optimizing the gaming experience and flow.

Supporting Business Decisions: With real-time metrics and data visualization reports, we provide accurate data support to help you make informed business decisions.


To successfully develop and implement this player profile analysis tool, we anticipate requiring a certain level of financial support. Based on our preliminary assessment, we estimate that the project would require funding in the range of approximately $80,000.

If adopted, this proposal will result in Merit Circle DAO funding Gameland with up to $80,000 to develop a customized player profile analysis tool for Merit Circle. Do you want this proposal to proceed to a vote?

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About Gameland team:

Vincent - 6 years blockchain experience

  • Co-founder

  • Professional background:

  1. In 2020, the founder of Defi products, based on Polkadot’s cross-chain unsecured lending aggregation defi platform, created the concept of vAMM transaction pool, and completed product pledges on the HuoBi platform, with a total value of 100 million US dollars.

  2. Founder of Blockchain Research Lab in 2018, with 8000+ community members


  • Co-founder of Gameland

  • Professional background

1.4 years of blockchain development experience

  1. Co-founder of defi products, responsible for product architecture design management, product core function development.

Aleksandar - 8 years of experience in community operations

  • Game Community Manager

  • Professional background:

  1. Responsible for Gameland community operations (daily update post, regular user research, festival event planning, player feedback after update, etc.)

2.8 years of community security and game community overseas (Southeast Asia, Europe and America) operation experience, responsible for the operation and management of various game communities.

Overall, the team members have rich experience in game community building and community promotion, as well as years of blockchain project development experience and Defi project development experience. Marketing and technical talents are complete, and the teams are highly complementary.

Not really clear why MC should have a customized player profile analysis tool (better fit for game developers - for those who don’t develop such tools in house). Also - seems Gameland already developed the tools but didn’t reference it in proposal. So I suppose they just propose some customization.
And finally - twitter account with 15k followers but almost no likes and comments - maybe I’m a bit conservative but for me that’s a red flag. Voting “no”.

Thank you for your response. I will address your questions accordingly.

  1. MC is an excellent gaming guild that selects different games from the market for its guild members to participate in. In order to provide a transparent and open approach when choosing games, MC can offer a clear game data dashboard to allow players to understand the ecosystem data. Gameland would need to access specific data sources for each game chosen by MC to conduct analysis and present reports.

  2. Player data analysis: As MC guild has a large player base, Gameland’s player profile tool can provide detailed insights into the on-chain interaction behavior data of each player. This facilitates easy management of players at different levels and enables the provision of different level rewards or performance-based actions based on player profiles. This allows MC to have a strong, transparent, and reliable player community, which also provides MC with more leverage in negotiations with game developers, ultimately leading to higher profits for players.

  3. Regarding Gameland having 15k followers but low readership and click-through rates, Gameland has been a project in development for a year and a half. During this period, we have organized numerous events to attract user attention. However, the number of readers and clicks does not determine the quality of the project.

  4. Gameland has collaborated with several outstanding companies within the ecosystem. We are a growth partner of the BNB Chain and a partner of Icetea Labs.

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