Localization and Social Media Management

Localization and Social Media Management



Management of translations and social media networks.


We propose to manage translation and social media efforts.

The first step for those who wish to contribute in localization will be the completion of an English test.

Those who successfully complete the test and want to get involved in localization will enter Notion where they will fill out a form. This will enable us to conduct an evaluation with the DAO team members and community. We will then contact the selected applicants so that they can start contributing. There will be contribution instructions posted in Notion as well as information regarding the rewards.

We will also need Crowdin to facilitate contributors. In addition, a database will be created, containing all contributors’ details and the contributions they make on a month to month basis.

Given our experience, we are thinking of creating three roles:

  • Translator
  • Translation Reviewer
  • Social Media and Chat Manager


  • Translator: The required qualifications for the role of the translator are:
    • Proficient knowledge of English.
    • Native speakers in the destination language.
    • Knowledge about the cryptocurrency space.
  • Translation Reviewer: The required qualifications of the reviewer role are the same as the Translator role.
  • Social Media and Chat Manager: The required qualifications of the manager will be:
    • Have at least x followers on Twitter.
    • Have a forum or be active in local cryptocurrency related forums.


To grow Merit Circle’s reputation across the planet and to create a broad multicultural community. Furthermore, there will be competitive local social networks.


$3000 / Month


Our idea is to reach out to all countries that have access to the internet and a computer. By building local communities, people will learn about Merit Circle and scholars will increase for the reason that Merit Circle will be known in more and more countries. In addition, players who do not speak English will be able to get involved because everything will be translated into their language and in this way they will feel more intimate. So there will be no need for the scholars to be fluent in English. They just need to be strong players. Compared to having only one global community, it is preferable to have local forums or local social media, whereas players can feel more comfortable and can chat with the community, exchange ideas, read about Merit Circle in their own language and participate even without knowledge of the English language. We believe based on our experience that this is a vital part of a project like Merit Circle.


Copyright and related rights waived via Creative Commons CCO

Hi John,

Thanks for your proposal! It’s very much appreciated to see you putting in effort to bring Merit Circle towards more local communities. However, there are some things that are still quite unclear.

To help you bring this proposal towards a more complete version, would you mind answering the following questions and possibly edit your proposal.

  • Who are you, and why are you the right person to lead the described activities?
  • The activities described are very high-level, could you go more in depth? (Which countries do you feel like they would need a Merit Circle community, how will you structure these communities, will this be nothing more than translating content or will these communities also create their own content)
  • Is the sole purpose of these communities to spread the word and allow others to communicatie about Merit Circle, or are the ambitions larger?
  • There is a proposed budget of $3000 - how will this budget be used?

Again, there are lots of unknown but I would love to bring this proposal towards a more complete version in collaboration with the community.


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