CryptoRank is actively seeking the support of Merit Circle DAO to finance a comprehensive annual subscription to CryptoRank's services

CryptoRank is actively seeking the support of Merit Circle DAO to finance a comprehensive annual subscription to CryptoRank’s services.

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This proposal will be subject to a discussion period of minimum 7 days.

A brief summary of the key information in the proposal, including information on what is proposed and what it will entail for Merit Circle DAO.

This initiative aims to elevate awareness and usage within the Beam ecosystem, significantly contributing to the development of a robust user and developer community through various means, including:

  • Including in in-depth value-added recaps;
  • Insightful analytical articles;
  • Engaging social and blockchain-based challenges;
  • Creation and enhancement of DeFi tools such as a Web3 portfolio tracker and Web3 Hub.

Specification of the proposal
Analytics and Social Media Outreach Initiatives:

  1. Including in 4 quarterly Recaps on the blockchain projects and ecosystem, prepared by the CryptoRank Research team, covering ecosystem overviews, new projects, and both on-chain and off-chain data. The content will adapt to the suggestions and requests of the Merit Circle DAO community and data availability.

Recaps promotion through:

  1. 4 social media quest campaigns on aimed at enhancing project engagement on social platforms (e.g., X, Discord, Telegram) and motivating user interaction with Beam.

  2. Social media support via 8 native posts on CryptoRank’s X and Telegram channels to highlight Beam’s ecosystem, updates, main events, etc., with simultaneous announcements on our Twitter and Telegram news channels.

Utility Part - Development of Beam Ecosystem Tools on the CryptoRank Platform:

A dedicated Beam Ecosystem Tab featuring an ecosystem map, dApps list with filters, on-chain data widgets, and resources for founders and developers.

Beam’s support in the CryptoRank DeFi Portfolio Tracker to draw new users by offering a unified tool for asset tracking across blockchains.

Milestones and deadlines:

:arrow_down: Milestone 1. Analytics and Social Media Outreach Initiatives. :arrow_down:

  • Compiling and including the Beam project in 4 Recaps;
  • Conducting 4 Quest campaigns;
  • Publishing 8 posts on networks X and Telegram.
    Deadline: Within 1 year.

:arrow_down: Milestone 2. Utility Part. :arrow_down:

:arrow_down: Milestone 3. Utility Part. :arrow_down:

  • Inclusion of Beam in the Cryptorank DeFi Ecosystem Tab (Web3 Hub).
    Deadline: 3 months (15.05.2024).


CryptoRank stands as a comprehensive platform for cryptocurrency market analysis, offering up-to-the-minute market data, a rich database for fundraising activities, numerous analytical dashboards, Smart Alerts, and a suite of tools designed for both traders and investors.

Our platform boasts a monthly viewership of 3 million and daily visits from over 80,000 users, capturing the attention of 210,000 community members on social media, including leading voices in the cryptocurrency world and other significant stakeholders.

We are recognized for our extensive collection of data, dashboards, research, and reports, setting a high standard in the cryptocurrency sector. Our offerings lead the market in various aspects:

Why CryptoRank Specifically?

We have been closely following the Merit Circle ecosystem for a long time and regularly feature it in our coin selections on Twitter directing organic traffic to the project. Since adding the Beam to CryptoRank, we have generated thousands of page views of ecosystem information as well as thousands of clicks to project-related pages for traders, investors, researchers, and funds.

We have extensive experience and a precise understanding of the needs of users, projects, and institutions, so we are confident that we can contribute to the transition of traffic from the Web2 to the Web3 space.’s Contributions:

Enhancing Transparency: plays a crucial role in augmenting transparency within the blockchain industry by delivering precise and authenticated data on cryptocurrencies, aiding investors and traders in making well-informed decisions.

Facilitating Better Decision-Making: Through its analytical insights and reports, empowers investors and entrepreneurs with a deeper understanding of the cryptocurrency market, enabling them to make investment choices based on solid data.

Mitigating Risks: Access to reliable cryptocurrency data and information on related companies helps investors to minimize their risks and avoid fraudulent or unclear projects.

Broadening Market Understanding: The analytics and reports from offer a more nuanced view of the current state and trends within the cryptocurrency industry, helping market participants grasp its dynamics and forecast upcoming shifts. by the Numbers:

  • Monthly visits: 3 Million
  • Monthly page views: 20 Million
  • Registered users: 300,000
  • Twitter Followers: 210,000+
  • Community members: 250,000

Monthly Mobile App Users: 320,000

Quarterly reports will be provided: detailing views, engagements, and interactions. A sum of $110,000 payable in Beam tokens will cover the development of new features and DeFi Tools, recap preparation, social media support, and operational costs to accelerate the adoption of the Beam ecosystem and its growing stable of decentralized apps.

The exact amount is calculated at the time of the transfer. In case of significant token volatility, the additional payment amount should be +10%.

See PDF offer.

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Copyright and related rights waived via Creative Commons CC0.

Thank you.


Thank you for adding Merit Circle to CryptoRank in the past. Since we migrated over from the MC token to the BEAM token, we don’t currently think $ 110,000 is warranted for a seemingly similar integration.

P.S. Please refrain from using multiple new accounts to force a poll in your favor.


Thank you for your response, we greatly appreciate your feedback!

Regarding our proposal, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that it includes marketing support and the development of new functionality that has not yet been utilized in the presentation of Merit Circle to our audience. The retroactivity was mentioned as a reference that your project is already generating significant interest among our audience, and our proposal aims to ensure that this interest not only persists but also grows.

Please, if you have any questions regarding the proposal we have submitted, ask them before casting your vote. Otherwise, you risk missing out on supporting a promising project due to a misunderstanding of its essence.

We are prepared to address any questions you may have with the utmost detail and transparency.

Additionally, we would like to inquire with the committee whether our proposal falls under section 7.3.2 or section 7.3.4 of the Merit Circle DAO Constitution. We also seek clarification regarding the voting period (7 days or a month) and to specify the exact date and time the voting will conclude.

Thank you.

Based on the content of the proposal, it should be 7 days (normal 7.3.2 scenario). Note that poll votes that are considered of manipulative/spam character are not counted for (on either side), ref. section 7.3.5 of the constitution. The poll should have had included the setting excluding trust level 0 members (new users with very limited activity on the forum), but seems that this setting was not automatically set for this particular poll. Think best to count manually now rather than resetting the poll.


Hello, Cryptolawyer.

Could you please clarify if the voting still open or desicion is already made?

Thank you.

Hey Igor! Seems like there weren’t enough votes in favor at the time the 1-week discussion period passed, i.e. when you take out of the equation those users that had just joined around the time the proposal was posted and had close to no minutes of reading time or any engagement (these are not counted on either side due to manipulation and spam concerns, as mentioned previously). For future references you could consider gauging the community via the Discussion category of the forum to check the interest first.

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