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Summary of the discussions

Twitter is one of the most important spaces for web3 social networking.

Twitter sales bot service is one of the most effective promotion methods for web3 projects.

  • The communities can easily obtain the latest sales information and share it with others to expand influence.
  • By leveraging well designed tag-based push, project can make better use of the mechanism of Twitter feeds algorithm and gain more exposure.

A configurable customized twitter sales bot service meets the needs of web3 projects.

This is kata, one of DAO contributors from Edenhorde community, our team just deployed a twitter sales bot for Edenhorde recently.
edenhordesalesbot (@lily_ehsalesbot) / Twitter

We hope this can better support Edenhorde for its brand building and broadcasting.

We believe this product & service can also benefit Merit Circle ecosystem as below.

  • For projects which want to quickly establish linkage with twitter users via sales info.
  • For projects which want to gain more exposure from twitter via tag-based algorithm feeds strategy.
  • Guiding users to Sphere marketplace via Sales info & NFT assets info.

This product & service will be submitted to the Merit Circle Grants Program.
Seeking DAO support to iterate the product and cover the cost of running fee (Elon just informed us that Twitter API will be paid).

Thanks again, looking forward to your feedback and support.


Hi Kata!

Great initiative! Good job! My suggestion for improvement would be

  1. to add a link to the marketplace where the NFT was sold
  2. to display the image of the NFT that was sold.

The rest looks good :slight_smile:

Could your system also produce a weekly summary, such as information on how many were sold, by tribe, and which one had the highest sale?

Below link is 1 sample for your reference:

  • drcomot
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Thanks drcomot for your feedback.

Both 1 & 2 can be implemented. I will upgrade it and get back to community this month.

Weekly summary is also a cool function, will include it as well.

My team is going to enhance this bot service to self-service platform so that you don’t need to do any coding, just click & go.

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