Proposal process

Merit Circle Improvement Proposals (MIPs) are proposals that in any form or shape aim to develop and expand the Merit Circle ecosystem. The current proposal process consists of several steps summarized briefly.

In this governance forum, anyone can start a topic carefully explaining their proposal allowing all other community members to respond to this proposal. Whenever a discussion receives enough traction and receives the support of core contributors, the proposal can move on to the next phase.

We advise to not rush proposals to voting on snapshot. For that matter, discussions must be up for a minimum of two days before they can be considered for voting.

The moment a proposal passes the discussion stage, a voting round commences using the Snapshot mechanism. This platform utilizes the token holders’ MC balance to calculate their voting right. A link to the dedicated proposal on Snapshot will be shared in the earlier created governance forum topic.

Whenever the proposal receives a majority of the votes, the proposal will be implemented by the 4 out of 7 multi-sig signing.

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