Proposal template

To create a Merit Circle Improvement Proposal (MIP) please use the following template;


Write a clear title without a number. Moderators will add a number once on-chain voting commences


Your name and possible other contributors


A brief explanation of your proposal preferably non technical for anyone to understand


Thorough coverage going in depth into your proposal explaining what it is that you wish to propose and what will be changed once your MIP is implemented.


Answer the question: why do you want this MIP to be implemented?
In here you can add links and references if necessary


What is the required budget to implement this MIP?


Provide a clear understanding why your proposal is a good idea considering both the pros and cons of your idea. This can be done by either answering questions, or in paragraph form.


Include a For/Against poll to gauge community sentiment (Setting → Build Poll). Clearly outline what voting “for” and “against” entails.


Please add the following sentence
Copyright and related rights waived via Creative Commons CC0

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