Proposal: Establishing DAO Participant’s Governance Data and Rankings

Hi eveyone, I’m Mia from ThePASS team and we are big fan of the project and community. Merit Circle sets a high standard in openness and transparency of the governance solutions, covering everything from the treasury dashboard to governance reports, embodying the traits of a mature DAO. In the meanwhile, we recognize the importance of recording and tracking the contributions and data of DAO participants. This not only serves to enhance our decision-making capabilities by reviewing historical data, but also to better incentivize our users to actively participate in future DAO development. This is especially relevant as we are committed to advancing the gaming chain, Beam.

As such, we propose the creation of a DAO participant’s governance data dashboard. This dashboard will monitor various metrics:

:trophy:Rankings: Users will be ranked based on voting power, proposal quantity, participation rate, and delegation, among other criteria.
:person_raising_hand:DAO Individual Pages: Users will have access to a personal data page pertaining to DAO governance. This will include information on assets, voting power, delegation data, participation in proposals, detailed proposal involvement, income details (distributed from DAO treasury), voting result analysis, and aggregated personal social media information.
:crossed_swords:On-chain Reputation (Dynamic NFTs): Concurrently with the establishment of the DAO user database, users will have the opportunity to claim their own on-chain reputation in the form of dynamic NFTs on the Beam network. (In case the network isn’t sufficiently mature in its initial stages, we may initially deploy it in a more established network, and subsequently perform a transfer and mapping.)

Compensation: We propose a total of $15,000 of grant compensation. We are willing to collect $7,500 upfront upon proposal approval to ensure project initiation, and then gather the remaining $7,500 upon project completion. Additionally, we are open to accepting MC tokens as a 100% reward, with the token conversion calculated based on the monthly average price since we firmly believe in Merit Circle!

About the team:

ThePASS is a leading DAO aggregator and search engine. It assists DAOs and users in building their own reputation systems by aggregating fundamental information, social data, treasury assets, governance details, and more. At present, ThePASS encompasses over 90,000 DAOs, more than 3.4 million voters, and operates on three blockchains, making it the largest DAO database in the market. It has earned the trust of numerous distinguished DAOs, including MakerDAO, MeebitsDAO, ApecoinDAO, BanklessDAO, MoonDAO, CityDAO, Yearn.Finance, Jenny MetaverseDAO, ArtsDAO, Foreverlands, Kapital DAO, and others.

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