Discussion: Retroactive rewards


The friends & family wallet distro accounts are now voting on our DAO proposals. Why are we letting up to 3% token supply that were given for free vote against us?

Is this what decentralization is? This is absurd, to say the least. And I feel our decentralization is at stake. I know who these people are, and I’m kind of done with this joke of a system at this point.


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Just to be sure, does this %3 you mention is related to ‘retroactive rewards’ in the token distribution chart?


Yes that’s the wallet, 30 million for them.

Hey there concerned resident

Title changed to: ‘Retroactive Rewards wallets’ to avoid misrepresentation of topic.

Who do you mean by “us”? The DAO knows no them and “us”. It only knows DAO participants, $MC stakeholders. Varying in sort and opinions. The DAO is a democratic system where every $MC is equal and no vote will be censored. We cannot force people to vote in line with the most vocal voices or with the majority.

Besides, according to the data these addresses also voting for MC/USDC.


Can you stop changing my titles? This is a DAO, not your pet project to swing your authoritarian hammer around. Thanks


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