Seed Presence and Visibility

Hello DAO,

After a recent discussion regarding the visibility of VC / seed presence on our forum, I think it’s in the best interest of our DAO to have a seed roll call and see who stands where.

We have some big heavy hitters that could add much needed input and experience into our recent proposals. Helping us navigate through changes in our DAO with some thoughts would be much appreciated eg. Staking V2.

We should encourage the full list of seed to make their voices and presence heard.

Seed Contributors (Entities)
DeFiance Capital
Mechanism Capital
DCG (Digital Currency Group)
Spartan Group
OP Crypto
Bitscale Capital
Dialectic Capital
Yield Guild Games

Seed Contributors (Individuals)
Alex (Nansen)
Ani Benerjee
BR Capital
Bobby (Coingecko)
Calvin Liu (Impossible Finance)
Danish Chaudry
Danny Wilson (Illuvium)
Darren Lau (The Daily Ape)
Darryl Lau
David Post (Chainlink)
DeFi Chad
Isaac (Nansen)
Jasper (Flux)
Jihoz (Axie Infinity)
Kristaps Vaivods (Hash Rush)
Miss Bitcoin
Pavel Bains (MixMob, Bluzelle)
Perpetual Protocol
Peter (Flux)
Pocket Network
Richard (Quantstamp)
Ryan Berkun (Teller)
Satoshi Stacker
Sergei Chan
Tin Nguyen (Sipher)


Thank you to those above who are currently participating, we have some awesome entities that are already visible.

Furthermore, it would be great if our core team could shoot the above a brief message or email, it won’t take too much effort and would greatly add to our odds of success.

I much appreciate your time.

Best regards,


Hi AS, thanks for your concern on behalf of the DAO community.

Based on community concerns and to increase transparency + accountability. We already started reaching out to most early stakeholders a while back, we have proposed 3 action points that I think will satisfy all of the concerns that live in the community. As well as create an environment for increased engagement and valuable contributions on both sides.

An explanatory thread will be posted in this section this week. Stay tuned!