Wallet Responsibilities

Can someone kindly point me in the right direction to understand each wallet’s responsibilities? I.E. which ones perform buybacks, why this wallet (Address 0xc4218226a5406aa721eaebc2d9da9564aedd7777 | Etherscan) disperses periodic amounts of MC, etc. Thanks!

Hey Cadet!

Thanks for your question.

4% has been reserved for retroactive rewards by the DAO. Initially, 3% to early Axie420 investors, investors that invested ETH in Axie420. Some investors have bought the early investors out, and some early investors have bought other early investors out. Currently, only 2% is set to be used as retroactive rewards. There are about 6 more months of distribution due. Most early investors have committed to staking, similar to the seed investors.
Read more about the tokenomics here

The buyback wallet can be found here

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Thank you for the response! Can you repost the link to the buyback wallet? For some reason, I cannot load it.

Most welcome. The link seemed broken, it should be fixed now!

We will look to give easy-to-read insights into all the different relevant wallets in our treasury dashboard upgrades.

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