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Hello, I’m Kazuo, the Portfolio Operations Manager at Yield Guild Games.
Yield Guild is a gaming guild with a simple, singular mission: to onboard millions of players from around the world into the “play-to-earn” revolution. I’m excited to be able to come here today to engage with the Merit Circle community in an open discourse where you can share your questions, thoughts, and concerns surrounding the partnership between Yield Guild and Merit Circle.

Let me begin by explaining the value we’ve provided to Merit Circle as one of its earliest supporters, and our plans for the future. On September 21, 2021 we made a high risk, early stage commitment to Merit Circle in the form of an acquisition of the $MC token which was instrumental in providing the team with the necessary funding to build out the DAO. Following this funding round the team was able to hire additional talent, further add to their war chest of revenue generating NFTs, and have a safety net of capital to fall back on in the event things went south during those crucial, unforgiving early days of being a new, start-up like entity.

Value added to the Merit Circle DAO so far:

  • Introduced Merit Circle to other helpful early stage investors

  • Co-invested in projects such as Big Time, Cyball, Fancy Birds and many others

  • Offered to lend assets out to Merit Circle in the event demand outstripped supply of NFTs for any particular game they offered scholarships in

  • Coordinated with the Merit Circle team to boost their social media presence by sharing posts across multiple mediums such as Twitter, Telegram, and Discord where we collectively have hundreds of thousands of readers.

  • Two articles in both Yahoo Finance and Coindesk: first, second

Our partnership with Merit Circle is more than just a partnership, it’s about working closely with another guild whose values are deeply aligned with ours and whose goal of further democratizing access to the crypto economy is one that truly resonates with us as an organization.Rather than seeing Merit Circle as a competitor, we seek to help them push the space forward by working closely with one another, fostering a healthy, community-driven ecosystem of blockchain gaming together.

Currently working on for the Merit Circle DAO/plans for the future

  • Continue providing deal flow

  • Remain available to continue supporting the team with advisory, strategy, marketing

  • Continue to offer services such as supporting Merit Circle with our NFT holdings if necessary


In the coming days we will receive our first tranche of $MC tokens which we’re committed to staking for one year because of our solid belief in the vision that Merit Circle is building upon. For full transparency our ERC-20 receiving address is 0xB981290d9d804075986482F0302c03A3Cd2aFf32 and I will update this thread with transaction hashes of each call to the staking contract so the community can see for themselves how we are not selling a single token at this time. Yield Guild plans to continue working closely with MC going forward and we are excited for what the future holds for us together. I encourage the community to come forward with any questions so that we may dispel any uncertainty about our commitment to this project, its team, and its supporters such as yourselves.

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Hey Kazuo,

I’m unsure if you got the same letter as everyone else did, but we’re trying to get the VCs to express their current and future value-add to the DAO for having been fortunate enough to be able to invest in heavily discounted tokens. The two topics that Mechanism and Maven11 made could be used as a great example.

If the value-add consists of a Yahoo and Coindesk article that one can buy for 500/900 USD, I don’t know what to say.

Let us know if you need any help!


Thanks for the post

With all due respect to your guys but this is less value add than many of community members has added while buying MC from open market.


I think this is quite a good contribution. Their investment on this huge projects are really helpful. To be fair with @YGG

Appreciate the last part (despite the confusion we are all having). That is what we are all here for. To extend assistance. :slight_smile: Kudos @AdmiralErik ,