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Hello Merit Circle DAO,

I am edenhorde5166. I would like to make a suggestion regarding gaming development. Merit Circle is actively investing in web3 games / GameFi of tomorrow.
This idea might already be in MC plans but it was a good opportunity for me participate for the first time in the DAO.

Being part of the most promising gaming DAO, I believe it would be great if Edenhorde holders could participate in early stage of games in development. I am referring to commonly called ‘pre-alpha’, ‘alpha’ or ‘beta’ but it could also be earlier stages.
The community could provide early feedback that will without any doubt be precious to game devs. Game studios will have a way to test their game on a larger scale and have an interesting pool of players at their disposal. I believe EH community members mix a lot of different profile and a good player base.

Another potential advantage for game studios is that EH community is already organized in four distinctive groups which are the tribes. They already have a group identity and a group cohesiveness. It could be relevant for team/cooperative games.
Of course, I haven’t forgotten MC community members which I believe are more game oriented profiles and are to be included as well.

This suggestion is very early at the moment. It would be a very nice incentive to add for Edenhorde holders and beneficial to game studios.
(You know how happy these guys will be if they get to participate in early closed beta haha)

This topic is only meant for discussion. At the end, do you think it will bring value to the game developments and success? I believe the community can play a role in this.

Have a nice day :mushroom:,



Hey Sengy,

Not sure why nobody replied yet, I like the idea. EH holders could be part of early players for sure, good idea.

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Hi Sengy,

Thanks for your topic! This has actually been something we have had in mind since we started Merit Circle, and thereafter Edenhorde.

With each game that opens up their gates for us to allow playtesting we evaluate whether it’s possible for our community to try out the game too, and see where the limitations are in terms of numbers. With lots of games entering the space and slowly moving towards more playable versions of their games, we see more opportunities coming along. Whenever they arise, we will let our community get involved!

We believe this discussion does not require a proposal to pass through, unless we see significant people not supporting this idea.

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Thank you Admiral! As I guessed it was something already in mind.
We’ll definitely have opportunities to partake in beta tests when many great games reach final development stage.
Soon I think it will attract a good amount of new players into the MC community if this idea is clearly stated.

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Thank you. It’s great news it was something already planned and of course not surprising.
I wanted to put up the idea just in case. I agree this discussion does not need to go further in the process. It was never meant to.

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