MC token available on L2


Just out of curiosity, not sure if it has been discussed or mentioned anywhere in the past, but what is the upcoming availability of the MC token on any L2 like Arbitrum, OP, Metis ?

Hi CptStoa,

While Merit Circle has partnered with games on L2s, I don’t believe there are any current plans to push the MC token onto any L2 chain. This might change in the future if there is good reason to deploy on an L2.

Personally, I don’t think any current L2 solution is secure, and reliable, enough to deploy the MC token on in any significant capacity. There is also very little utility on these L2s currently. The team have committed to keeping staking on Ethereum only, and gas fees have reduced significantly in recent times (I acknowledge they are still higher than L2s/alternate chains). There is also a small amount of liquidity on BSC for MC.

Is there any specific reason you want to deploy to an L2? If its due to gas fees, then I’d recommend looking at BSC, or the CEXs MC is listed on (Binance, Kraken, Gate, Gemini, Huobi etc.)

Johnny Jawnz

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