Extension of the Migration Deadline

Hello I wanted to discuss the deadline on migrating MC tokens to BEAM. I have been following the migration information but totally forgot to claim my legacy tokens sooner. Hence I have claim them today only to find out that they will unlock 2 days after the current deadline. Perhaps there are others in the same predicament. I would appreciate consideration of an extension to help those did not claim their rewards in time. Thank you


Hello @adiosratrace
The migration is still available for locked $MC tokens to $BEAM on the migration website

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Hello thank you for responding. I don’t see that information anywhere in governance and don’t recognize the website. I will see if I can find more info about it. Thanks again

@adiosratrace Did you find anything about it? As far as I can tell the migration website won’t let me migrate vesting eMC. I am in the same situation as you as I didn’t think my rewards would be lost forever if I didn’t claim them sooner.


No I haven’t found anything. I’ll follow up though. It’s a year out and I figure other people have the same situation

When is the deadline. I thought we had 12 months to do this?

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Hello, just to say I’m in a similar situation as you…
Looking at all the transactions, there seems to be quite many people that have claim token, and will have their vesting ending after the migration deadline.

The solution would be to obtain an extension of the deadline through governance.
So I think someone needs to make a proposal for that: Proposals - Merit Circle


@Noz & @Kaen you can have a first vote here https://gov.meritcircle.io/t/extension-of-the-mc-to-beam-token-migration-period-to-allow-just-claimed-v1-rewards-to-still-be-converted-into-beam

Thank you for posting this @Koni

Just tagging @adiosratrace as well

Looks like the proposal reaches enough “yes” votes to proceed to the voting stage, as there are quite a few others who have the same issue.

I’m thinking of including a tax of 20% in the proposal, as proposed by one community member who didn’t understand why people who don’t have our issue should vote in favor of the proposal. Hopefully a 20% tax will be sufficient for the others to not out-vote us and make us lose our eMC rewards.

What would you think about that?

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Hi there, I am in the same situation - I have quite a lot of rewards vesting that will not unlock until after the cut-off date to migrate to BEAM. Personally I think this is outrageous, and grossly unfair. It seems like a few people in the DAO deliberately did this to reduce circulating supply and pump their own bags - not very community orientated. I was staking since the public sale, but took some time away from Crypto for personal reasons. I was happy to let my $MC accrue through the bear market. Hopefully if we notify enough people in the same situation, we can extend the cut-off date to 24 months, rather than 12.


Please go vote at Snapshot