" Evolve Over DAO - Twin Supercharges of Staking Rewards & Strategic Airdrops to Rocket the Ecosystem into the Stratosphere "

Dear Over DAO Community,

I am proposing we implement a Beam staking program alongside strategic airdrops of tokens from promising new crypto projects that are committing to build on or partner with Over.

By staking their BEAM tokens, our most loyal community members will be rewarded for supporting governance and the future growth of the Over ecosystem. Beam staking will provide incentives such as yielding passive income on holdings and encouraging long-term locks to promote price stability.

Additionally, select partner projects that are launching on Over DAO will airdrop a portion of their tokens directly to BEAM stakers. This cements these partnerships, instantly spreads the word to our engaged community, rewards stakers, and kicks off liquidity and activity for these new ecosystem additions from day one.

Together, these moves can rapidly accelerate Over’s flywheel effects. High staking participation will harden On-Chain governance and the underlying blockchain. Strategic airdrops will bring innovative partners to Over that align with our community’s ethos and goals for the future of decentralized technology.

By twin-tracking ecosystem participation via Beam staking and partner project airdrops, we can motivate our community and leapfrog Over into its next evolution as a thriving hub for the open metaverse. This vision will come to pass if you, the community, get active in securing and governing the chain while embracing ground breaking partners entering our ecosystem.

I welcome your thoughts and suggested tweaks to this kickstart incentive program for those dedicated to accelerating Over’s meteoric rise. Please reach out with any feedback on how to evolve this proposal.



Excellent proposal
100% agree

By staking BEAM, loyal community members should be rewarded for supporting growth of the ecosystem.

Beam staking will provide price stability and reduce volatility.

Also Airdrops would encourage believers in the ecosystem to invest more and attract more investors to join our community.


I am new to the DAO so forgive me if this has already been addressed (still reading and getting up to speed). I have been searching for info on contributing to new games built by MC/Beam and believe the proposal above addresses what I personally have been searching for.

Especially for members that have invested into the chain and want to continue to support it, there should be a mechanism to grant access to future game launches. A staking solution would be great for the purposes already mentioned above. And we all know that the BOT’s don’t deserve the smash and grab of a token that should give 1st priority to the builders & investors.

Thanks for reading my first 2 cents,

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