Brief intro + launch of a new index featuring the MC token

Hi Meritians,

@DarkForestCapital and myself wanted to drop by and introduce ourselves. We created the Metaverse Index almost a year ago and have been managing it since ($70m in assets at the top, $25m currently). Next week, we will be launching the MetaPortal Gaming Index ($GAME), which is entirely focused on the gaming space. Similar to ETFs in traditional finance, indices allow easy, one-click exposure to a given theme or a trend.

$GAME will include a 5% allocation to the MC token. One of the benefits for the MC token (and other tokens in the index) is that indices tend to be reliable long-term holders of the underlying tokens. Other than rebalancing and redemptions, indices don’t trade out of tokens once a position has been established. The Metaverse Index, for example, holds close to $5m of $ILV, $3.5m of $MANA, $SAND and $AXS each, and so on. Ideally, we use these holdings to participate in governance as well, but that functionality is not yet live.

MetaPortal also has a newsletter and a podcast where we often dive into projects in our indices, like these pieces on YGG and ILV. We also do more high-level articles, like this one on the current state of crypto gaming or on the Metaverse as the future of work.

Anyhow, we are always open to opportunities for cross-promotion or cross marketing, happy to host someone from the team on the pod or support in any other way. If you have any questions on $GAME or anything else, please comment, join us in the MetaPortal Discord or tag us in the MC Discord.


AG and DFC


Hey @DarkForestCapital & @verto0912,

First of all, thanks a lot for stopping by and creating this thread on our governance forum. We are excited to see that $MC is gonna be included in the $GAME index.

We are keen to work on some content together to get a clear story on what Merit Circle exactly is, and how we differentiate from most other parties that are around.

Also happy to do some cross-promotion around your launch.

Welcome to the family <3




Thanks for adding MC and explaining here. Looking forward to see your progress and involvement in the DAO as a fellow holder :wink:


Thanks for bringing this proposal.

I don’t see any negative consequences by adding MC to any index tbh, as that index need to buy $MC tokens to include them. Will be voting YES on this proposal.



Thank you for writing this proposal. We’re quite familiar with a variety of index (mainly MVI, DPI) products, and we’d love to see the inclusion of MC to $GAME.

We’re happy to see these types of initiatives!

Signed with left paw,
Prince Choccy


Nice! Fan of the podcast and $MVI ~ not holding, but sold in a good place;) Also a big fan of Index Coop and I don’t see a game-related channel in their Discord. Are you launching this index independently?

Thanks everyone, really appreciate the warm reception here!

In the near term, we plan on writing a deep dive into MC after the launch of $GAME and having someone from the team (@MC_MARK) on the pod.

@rickydazla - we are launching $GAME independently, primarily for economic reasons. Would love to see you in our Discord and happy to answer any questions on the rationale or anything else $GAME-related.

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Sorry that I am new around. Just writing a fundamental analysis report about Merit Circle, and honestly, I feel like after the report I will hang around here for a while more (: I was curious about whether you made any cross-marketing activity with MC due to your MC listing in $GAME token?