Tracking Realised Profit


I see the new revenue tab on the dashboard and love it :slight_smile:

Now to take it a step further, how could an observer track the $542,000 realised profit and see where it goes? I checked the buyback wallet mentioned in my last discussion post and do not see any of the profit there.

I know MIP-7 calls for a distribution of the profit, with a good bit used towards a price floor. But I am curious if someone could help me track the $542,000 through the MC network?

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Hey Cadet!

Excellent question.

It has to do with profits that are realized in MC ( and subsequently 100% burned, in effect realizing a gain for the DAO) and profits that are realized off-chain.

Normally, as per MIP-7, only profit (revenue - costs) is used to:

  • 20% of profits added to USDC position (used to increase cash position, invest in smallcap, RD etc.)
  • 5% of profits into BTC and ETH
  • 60% used to buyback MC, locked into treasury (governance decides best use, incentives, burn etc.)
  • 15% used to buyback and burn MC

Of course, through DAO governance, this could be subject to change in the future.

This means, at least 60% should be reflected in the buyback tokens and 15% in the burns (although that is mixed with burns from the idle tokens in the treasury at well in the current dashboard). With profit realized in MC and off-chain that is not reflected as such, and not reflected on-chain.

We are aware that it is hard to derive this information from the current dashboard, but there should be more clarity around this after the next few updates to the dashboard. To this same end, we will also open a discussion thread for feature requests/changes to the current treasury dashboard.

There is already a long list of features and changes that we are working on internally / among the core contributors that should improve the readability and trackability of profits and assets.

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