Proposal: buy a cryptopunk (or multiple) for the treasury


Buy a cryptopunk (or multiple) for the treasury.

Cryptopunks are the most iconic nft in the space. By purchasing a cryptopunk, we accomplish the following:

  • add a blue chip nft that will more than likely appreciate in value over time
  • make (minor) headlines in the web3/nft space (similarly to how Visa made headlines when they purchased their cryptopunk)
  • gain access to an exclusive web3 circle (the cryptopunk circle)
  • contribute to the nft space by solidifying the value of cryptopunks
  • gain utility as it is very likely that cryptopunks will be given some sort of utility in various metaverse applications in the future

The current cryptopunk floor is 85.95 ETH ($382,134.54 USD), which is relatively inexpensive considering our large treasury size.


  • Yes, multiple
  • Yes, one
  • No

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Closed the topic for now because of the low quality of the proposal.

Please understand that we do stimulate everyone to propose their ideas, but they have to be well described with arguments well weighted, pros and cons. MIP1, 2 and 3 can be seen as an example of a well drafted proposal.