MIP-29 - Execution of migration of MC token to BEAM token


It is awesome to see that DAO Contributors are listening to the feedback on the swap duration and extending it to a whole 1-year from the original proposal. Now no more excuse for MC holders not to make the swap.

Just a feedback on what I personally think - it would be even better if the team can also write some info in this proposal on how the team plans to keep everyone in the loop about the token swap. Things like which social media channels we will be using (and if there are any KPI for this), whether there will be a notice statement/medium or a live countdown on the website, and whether the team can share post-deployment tracking stats with everyone regularly on X or etc. I believe including these details will show that the DAO is putting in extra effort to reach out to holders.

Regardless, will definitely vote “Yes”. Let’s go BEAM BEAM!