MIP-22 Development of MC Tactile, the first Merit Circle merchandise project

Merit Circle Tactile


Daan de Greef


Hello. I’m Daan de Greef and for the past few months I’ve been working with the Merit Circle DAO’s core contributors on a very special project, something which has been discussed many times and is now getting closer to reality.

We’re talking merchandise.

A word that does not obviously align with what we are creating here but is a perfect starting point for this conversation.

The goal of this proposal is to discuss how our merchandise can be distributed to everyone who is connected to the DAO, giving us a chance to thank the people who have contributed the most.


My background

I’ve been active in the fashion and retail industry for the past 15 years. In that time, I’ve built multiple clothing stores in the Netherlands and started many successful clothing companies. I’m the founder of ‘Baskèts’, a retail store that is involved in the development of numerous clothing brands, among other things. I’ve had a strong interest in the web3 space for quite some time and I’m extremely excited about what this technology can do within my industry. I’m thrilled to share with you what we are building here with Merit Circle and what we aim to achieve with this project.

So what are we creating?

  • High-end merchandise items for the Merit Circle DAO
  • The project will be called “Merit Circle Tactile”
  • 650 boxes with merchandise
  • Each box of “merch” will consist of seven premium wearable items

Where do we stand right now?

As it stands, we are nearly ready to begin production. Looking at our current plan, this would mean that the boxes would be sent out at the end of Q1 2023. Prior to this release, we will be presenting a ‘Merit Circle Tactile NFT’. Using this, NFT holders will be given the opportunity to choose the size of the items in their box, and have it shipped to an address of their choice, anywhere in the world.

So what are we voting on?

We would like to propose an equitable way of distributing these NFTs to make sure that the majority of our community agrees with our method of distribution.

The Merit Circle Tactile NFTs will be free. A thank you to the people, who are lucky enough to get one, for their continued trust in the Merit Circle DAO.

These NFTs will be distributed in two phases, which are outlined below:

Phase 1:

5 - Creators of proposals that passed successfully.

25 - Marketing batch - we gift a few NFTs to influencers who have contributed to Merit Circle in return for content

45 - Wallets that voted most - we allow the 45 wallets that voted most to claim one of the NFTs.

50 - Team - there will be 50 NFTs for core team members, contractors and people who worked on the tactile project

50 - one NFT will be sent to each of the portfolio companies of the Merit Circle DAO

75 - Largest stakers - we allow the top 75 of the largest stakers to claim one of the NFTs.

100 - DAO reserve - will be allocated in benefit of the DAO (collaborations, recouping some of the investment value, etc).

The unclaimed balance of NFTs from this phase will be added to the raffle in phase 2.

Phase 2:

300 - Raffle for MC stakers and Edenhorde NFT holders - we allow anyone who has staked a minimum of one MC token or 4 Edenhorde NFTs to join a raffle. Snapshot has been made one minute before this proposal came up.

Any unclaimed NFTs left after phase 2 will be added to the DAO reserves.


We feel the distribution method outlined above respects the small group of hardcore believers in our DAO while at the same time offering anyone who feels connected to our DAO a chance to take part in this exciting new project in our ecosystem.


Merchandise has been widely discussed since the Merit Circle DAO emerged. However, as we strive for quality over quantity and are determined to deliver premium products on all fronts, we’re taking a slightly different route

We would like to offer our online community a way to connect with the Merit Circle DAO in the offline world as well. A way for people to show their support and wear something which they feel passionate about. What’s more, they will represent the Merit Circle DAO across the world.


In this first version of the Merit Circle DAO’s Tactile project, no additional funding from the DAO is required. The costs that are incurred, including development costs, will be funded by the Orange Pill LTD for this first drop. Future drops that require additional funding will go through the official proposal process.


We understand that the acknowledgement of this project raises a lot of interest and many questions. A few of these will be answered below. If your questions are left unanswered after reading this, please be patient and trust us to deliver!

So only when I’m lucky can I get one of the boxes?

If you don’t want to pay for it (at a later date on secondary markets), getting lucky is indeed your only option. However, the way that we have designed the process of acquiring the NFTs and the box itself, means that it’s likely some of these NFTs will find their way to some well known marketplaces. So if you are really interested in getting one you should be able to!

What will be in the boxes?

Great question that we will answer before the end of the year! A little hint for now will be that this drop focuses on items you can wear.

Will I be able to get more than one NFT if I’m eligible?

In theory there is a possibility to get more than one NFT. For instance, if you are a top 75 holder with wallet A and your wallet B has voted so often that you find that wallet in the top 50 most voted wallets. However, we hope that as many people as possible are able to experience this project. If you are lucky enough to be eligible for an NFT in phase 1, maybe leave getting lucky to the other members of the DAO.

Is anyone waiting on these items?

We most certainly hope so! We set out to create a way for our digital community to connect with Merit Circle through something physical, something you can touch, something tactile. At the same time, we have put a lot of effort into creating these items in a way that does minimal damage to our planet. More on how we are producing these items to follow.

Copyright and related rights waived via Creative Commons CCO


Great initiative! Can not wait seeing this merch pop-up at different places around the world. Next stop is, making pictures of yourself wearing the merch near famous landmarks or conferences or other places that mean something to you etc.

To add to the comment below, dunno what logo is printed on it, but when this ‘MC’ series merch is as great is it sounds it would be awesome to have one dedicated to Edenhorde aswell.


Great initiative and a well-thought-through proposal! The only thing that I would like to see added is an X amount of NFTs to Edenhorde holders. Think that would be a great addition.

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I’m really excited about the MC merch proposal and can’t wait for it to happen. I’ll definitely be supporting it.

However, I agree with Mokum that it would be great if the team considered rewarding Edenhorde holders as well. Edenhorde was the first project under Merit Circle and I know a lot of us bought into it because we believe in the Merit Circle ecosystem and want to support it.

There are certainly many ways to do this. One idea might be to set aside some spots in the phase 2 raffle specifically for Edenhorde holders and you could set up some specific conditions, for example:-

  1. Guaranteed spots for those who own all Edenhorde tribes (Oru, Babbu, Larriks, and Gadiran); or
  2. Guaranteed spots for those who own a certain amount of Edenhorde; or
  3. Guaranteed spots for those who are active contributors on the Discord, such as Edenhorde Guardians and other active members; or
  4. A raffle open to all Edenhorde holders for a certain number of spots; or
  5. Other potential criteria, such as length of time as an Edenhorde holder, level of engagement with the community, etc.

These are just suggestions, but I think they could be a good way to show support for the Edenhorde community and reward those who have been loyal supporters of the Merit Circle ecosystem.

Thank you



Thank you to @daandegreef for this proposal!

We have been looking forward to the Merit Circle merchandise launch, and are glad it is being handled by someone so experienced. We agree it is important that the merchandise is of high quality, and it is certainly a bonus that this first batch will be free for the DAO members.

Looking at the distribution plan for the DAO, we are happy with the allocations listed. We want all participants in the DAO (stakers, voters, content creators, team members) to have a chance at owning some of this first batch. While we understand that 650 NFTs doesn’t allow all DAO members to receive some of this first batch, we look forward to seeing more opportunities to receive merch in the future.

We do agree with other comments that Edenhorde holders should also have a raffle allocation. @drcomot raised some interesting possibilities for EH holders in his comment. This EH allocation could come from the 300 NFTs raffled for MC stakers, or from the DAO Reserve or a combination of different allocations mentioned. What that exact amount should be, we’ll leave for others to determine.

We also encourage anyone that is eligible for more than one merch NFT, or wins more than 1 merch NFT, to share the love and allow as many people to win as possible.

We look forward to seeing the launch of Merit Circle’s first set of merchandise!

Signed with left paw,

Katto Koin


On the design element I think it would be very valuable to integrate projects that have been born from Merit Circle, like the Edenhorde NFT’s.

It would be easy to do since its a similar visual medium and would make for some very interesting designs.

Since its approaching production it may be late for this, and if it is, this might be a good addition for the next one.

On the distribution I agree to what has been stated before; some spots should be for Edenhorde holders.

All in all I think its a great way to bring together the digital and the physical world.


Hi everyone,

Thank you for the lovely responses both on the forum and in the community channels, excited to read that everyone’s hyped about representing the DAO across the globe.

To address some of the concerns and suggestions about rewarding the Edenhorde holders, who naturally are as much part of the Merit Circle community as the stakers, I’d like to propose a change to the proposal.

  • Anyone who holds more than 4+ Edenhorde is eligible to participate in the raffle of Phase 2
  • In phase one, there will be a certain number of NFTs eligible for marketing purposes of which we are open to allocate some to the Edenhorde community. Details of this shall be discussed with the Edenhorde guardians.

To address the comment about incorporating Edenhorde into the designs, this is something we will not pursue. Simply because of the fact that the current designs are in a phase where we do not wish to make too many amendments to proceed with production/shipping in due course. However, you never know what the future might bring!

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The proposal is now up for voting here.

Hey builders! Anyone want to add his opinion/quote to the article?

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