MIP-10 Framework around financial terms for games developed by Merit Circle DAO

I will definitely vote YES, YES, YES for this proposal.
So excited to see how the DAO is evolving over time and creating an awesome community.
Grateful for being part of this from the very beginning.
All in with $MC, Edenhorde and whatever comes next.

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I would like to second this. There will be even more demand for MC token if we implement requirement of minimum holding for next projects, whitelists, etc.

Please consider this option. I discussed this with Mark already before, but guess its better to share this idea on forum.

Sad Cat is on point as usual.



The overall premise of the entire proposal is an exciting prospect, one that will accrue value for the DAO in perpetuity. The future looks very promising. I will be voting YES for this proposal to move forward in its current state as a general framework.

The specific nuances will need to be fleshed out, as alluded to by other governance participants.

A more thorough discussion should provide clarity on the funding sources, technical details, financial splits with developers, expectations of said games, future development costs, and revenue splits, to merely name a few. These financial metrics and splits should be discussed and agreed upon on a project-by-project basis.

Moreover, I would like to suggest that exchanges, I.E. Binance should be prevented from receiving said revenue splits on all future $MC in-house projects. Reasons can be discussed and debated in a future proposal.

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I will be voting yes on this proposal, very exiciting developments are starting to come out of and expand the DAO. Others have already pointed out some good points that need clarification and I’m sure these will be addressed in time. I think it would be good to get some clarification asap on how this is to be funded i.e. will it be from the treasury? Will it be from seed funding? Or will there be some other type of financing?

Overall it is an exciting proposal and I look forward to seeing how it develops.

Thank you


SadCatCapital has repeated what I said, which is exactly what I wanted to say above, in support of your proposal.

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Sounds good, try new stuff.

The funding seems a bit open ended (what if the game needs more money post-launch, and also, who controls the treasury of the game to ensure the revenue sharing split is executed, etc) but I’m sure you guys can think through and handle.

Please go ahead and create a crypto candy crash.


Thank you Merit Circle team for another interesting proposal. Great to see ongoing revenue distribution proposals to MC ecosystem participants.

I will be voting “yes” to this proposal, and I look forward to seeing more proposals regarding these topics in the future.

Why have we not voted on this yet? It’s a no-brainer and should have been passed 6 days ago.

It would be great if escrowed MCs (EMCs) can count towards earning preferential spots in future whitelisting rounds for NFT drops, so there’s added incentives for long-term stakers and utility to claimed locked rewards.

The proposal has been revised (bold text) based on the comments. The vote is now online, please issue your vote here: