Merit Circle Governance Forum Guidelines

The Merit Circle Governance forum is an open platform where anyone is welcome to contribute to the future of the DAO. The goal of this forum is to create a platform for discussion regarding proposals on when, how, where and in what manner Merit Circle’s funds and operations will be executed.

To prevent any harmful content being placed we want to form a set of ground rules as guidelines on this forum. These rules are set in stone to create an open environment where constructive discussion is stimulated in an effort to bring further Merit Circle in its future endeavors.

  • Any content discussed within this forum belongs to their original authors. Merit Circle, will not and can not claim the intellectual property of any content posted in this forum.
  • We stimulate anyone to contribute in a constructive and well researched manner. Therefore, we encourage ideas, proposals and research is posted in a detailed manner leaving out the obvious questions.
  • Anyone is entitled to their opinions as long as it’s objective and respectful.
  • Any questionable content that could be seen as a personal attack, hate speech or any other form of disrespectful behavior will be dealt with through content moderation.

In the case of violation of any of the above set ruiles, Merit Circle, as the moderator of this forum reserves the right of vetoing content or banning users that don’t follow these guidelines.

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