Discussion: Edenhorde Moving Forward

Hello DAO,

I’m not entirely sure why nobody from the Edenhorde community has bothered to do this, but here we are…

Let’s open a discussion thread here to brainstorm Edenhorde (EH) and how the community wants it to progress. We can all agree that the launch was very successful for the DAO, and most people would agree that the ship has lost some sails recently (the NFT market as a whole too).

Projects do need to pivot and re-evaluate goals all the time, I do not see this as any different.

  1. First thoughts, I think it would be useful to give EH its own category board here on gov.meritcircle.io to provide some much-needed structure. As someone who’s not active in Discord, this could be the best place to get something going.

  2. Secondly, it would be useful to have the EH guardians become involved here if they are intermediaries between teams + community, etc.

  1. It would be useful to know who’s responsible for business development since the departure of NDX (please correct me if I’m wrong).

Outspoken members from discord, Guardians, and MC DAO members - let’s open some dialogue. Things don’t just happen by themselves.

Kindly do not use this thread to whine. Please provide constructive feedback, restructuring ideas (subDAO maybe?), what direction you would like to see, etc.

Best regards,


I agree, EH having its own category board would be a great addition.

I’d love for edenhorde characters to be more prominent in MC.
They can be MC’s mascot, avatars or digital hosts, they’re already there, lets use them.


Hello and thank you for posting about this topic.

I just wanted to say that I like the idea of having some added structure around EH. There is a good mechanism for feedback in the Governance forum (GF) and like the idea of having a category board. Some of us have been working on ideas for building and getting involved in the project via the “Parliament” chat on discord but we are an informal group and would definitely benefit from having some activity in the GF.

I would like too see more work on IP, as it takes time to build, but realize that project Amginea will be the main focus of energy.

Thanks again,


Hello everyone,

First of all, thank you for starting this discussion thread asam0oo!

We appreciate your initiative in bringing up Edenhorde on this forum for further discussion within the community.

As you may already know, we have recently shared our vision through the announcement on Medium and continued the conversation on Discord. However, we have mentioned there and will continue to do so, that we welcome all members of our community to join in these discussions and share their thoughts and feedback regarding Edenhorde.

To answer the above mentioned points;

Own category — This feels unnecessary. Right now, none of the products have a separate category. There are proposals, where people can propose large ideas that require substantial funding. Then there are smaller ideas, which would fall under the category of the Merit Circle Grants.

Discussion threads can be posted in the ‘Discussion’ section. However, one option would be to create a sub-section there if it makes sense for our community. — However, the way the forum is currently set up, this doesn’t really make too much of a change.

Guardians — They have been actively chatting alongside each other brainstorming about new ideas. Would love to see them join the action in here.

Business development — We’ve shared our vision as to what we’re planning to do with Edenhorde in the future. One of these cases is integrating the IP into various outlets. These conversations occur as we check-in with the portfolio companies of the Merit Circle DAO.

To clarify — NDX has internally never solely been responsible for business development off Edenhorde. That has been a shared responsibility. Currently, NDX is focussing on different elements of the MC DAO, one of them being the new project Amginea.

We are excited to hear people’s thoughts and vision, and we encourage you and other members to continue contributing to our community through these discussions. Thank you again for bringing up this topic.



First of all, thank you for starting this thread. Here is my thoughts:

Why has nobody raised any proposals in the MC governance forum?

  1. Edenhorde was not positioned as a DAO project from day one. It was launched as a storytelling project with 8 episodes and had its own Manifesto that was supposed to be delivered by the team. “What’s next by the community” should come after all deliverables have been ticked.
  2. The team has established a proper “Guardian” system, and all feedback and suggestions are actually posted on Discord. For some holders, we expect all concerns, suggestions, and proposals to be escalated to the team via Guardians or the recently hired Head of Comm. Some of us may not be raising any proposals because we do not want to bypass the Guardians.
  3. EH FUD - Some of us “believed” that a few MC whales are not supportive of EH and might consider it a liability for MC. If proposals are going to be rejected, there is no point in posting them through the MC governance vote. Therefore, the most suitable way to channel feedback is through Guardians to the team and to present it as a team proposal. Edited as all cleared at least for me.

As mentioned in point (2), all 3 suggestions you mentioned above actually have been raised and discussed at the Guardians level… Just, am not sure what the progress or final decision on these suggestions is.

What I think would be good for EH to move forward

  1. Firstly, to echo, I think EH should really hire a dedicated BD to focus on the development, partnerships, and expansion of EH’s IP. This person could run separate initiatives while the core team works on delivering the EH Manifesto.
  2. For any proposals or ideas from the community, it can just be submitted through Discord (create a forum) for further deliberation within the community members. Head of Comm, BD, and a representative from the core team must vet and respond to the proposal within a certain timeframe.
  3. Any quality and solid proposals, will be submitted to MC Governance by the Head of Comm/BD for a vote, if required.
  4. If the proposal is passed, the proposer should take the lead of the initiatives with guidance from the fellow Guardians, BD, Head of Comm, and a representative from the core team.

What I think is important:

  1. EH is and always will be an IP project. Expanding the IP is the most critical aspect of EH’s success. Hope to see more initiatives and focus towards this.
  2. Integrating EH into the MC ecosystem without becoming a liability is essential. One idea is to integrate characters, EH environment, and background into MC-related websites such as the treasury dashboard or staking site.

Imagine if the treasury site is designed to look and feel like the “Gadiran Bazaar,” or the staking site looks like “Mount Puntu,” where a pop-up message from Oru appears thanking people for staking their MC token.

  1. More engagement and activities with both the EH and MC communities, such as hosting game tournaments that involve both MC and EH.
  2. More frequent updates on the progress of the EH Manifesto to keep the community informed and engaged. Probably once every 2 weeks.

I have a few more ideas in my head, and I will write a proper proposal once I have completed a feasibility study on them. I hope to see more discussions like this happening in the future!



These are my thoughts, I have also shared them on discord:

I think we should have a person that will make EH succeed and become a great project for its holders which will in turn benefit Merit Circle, for this reason I think this person must:

  • Oversee what is developed for EH
  • Be able to make collaborations
  • Look for funding if needed (inside and outside of the MC DAO)
  • Be from outside the MC core team, so there is no conflict of interest, like not just using EH as a stepping stone when its needed and then just forgotten for a while.
  • Have the power to develop new features for the project

Also has to be a full time endeavor, what’s affected development is the fact that the team has other stuff they have to work on.

I don’t think such role exists right now, it is or was kind of shared by NDX and the MC team, but since they have other stuff to work on, its why I think the game wasn’t finished and nothing else has been released after the episodes, because focus has been elsewhere.

And it will still be focused elsewhere unless someone’s appointed to focus on EH.

Someone from the team made it clear:

We will put out effort into an annual adventure, and effort into releasing what’s left on the development board, but we’re not dedicating all of our time and resources into bringing Edenhorde to the level of major NFT projects like you’d want us to see.

It doesn’t have to be just one person, could also be a small group of people.
It can still be under Merit Circle, but not be part of the core team or the DAO, must be like a CEO that still has to abide by the owners and shareholders, but can make decisions on his own.

This position can be filled by someone already on the MC team, but preferrably someone that isn’t already working on anything else, because EH is what they will be working on full time. Or they can also be chosen by the DAO.

We have one of the best art in the space, and having that IP should really be enough to make this a bluechip, but we need someone focused on it.

The parliament is great, but we need someone at the very top of the project that can actually make big decisions on the course, like creating more canonic episodes, focusing on delivering the game, creating and airdropping the 5th tribe to the 4 tribe holders, or whatever the project needs to be done.

Because honestly I don’t think holders can be the only ones trying to develop edenhorde, someone has to sign the deal with Peter Jackson to make the Edenhorde movie trilogy, right?

I agree with all that has been said here.

It really doesn’t take a genius to deduct that it is going to be almost impossible for a project to be successful with not at least one dedicated staff member. Also agree this should really be somebody external so they can come in with an unbiased approach and hold the team accountable if needed.

Additionally funding/project budget is a major issue that we need to solve very quickly. It seems many of us misunderstood the fact that EH doesn’t have its own budget or benefit in any way from sales etc. Again, very hard to succeed without this being sorted and being more geared towards benefitting EH as a project first and then subsequently EH holders.

While I agree and know that the community is willing and able to play a big role in improving things, at the moment any benefits would actually flow to MC, not EH and again it doesn’t take a genius to see the current system is not fair towards EH holders.

I left a message in discord about this yesterday, but another thing that we should all try and do is to have one single place to communicate. I know things like Parliament have been set up with good intentions but for a project that has had communication issues from the team itself, things like the Parliament now just create a divide between holders IMO.

In short, getting EH Governance, dedicated staff member/s and clarity over funding/budget are key before we move forward. Once that is sorted hopefully the team starts to deliver and we can all move forward together.

I have been one of the most outspoken critics, but after we have got everything out in the open and the team has been honest and said things have to improve, I’m really hopeful we can get the project back on track in 2023.



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Very good feedback and i am totally agree with this.

Should we also request detailed information from the team regarding EH’s financials since the project’s launch? Personally, I want to understand (and I believe others do too), on what EH has contributed from the beginning in terms of minting, secondary royalties, and how MC has allocated those revenues to illustrators, storytellers, development, etc. Are there any funds remaining or have they been actually fully utilized - if the funds have been fully utilized, is MC now funding future development?

In either case, it would be helpful to understand how the funds, both present and future, will be managed


Hi Edenhorde Community!

First of al AS thank you for creating this space were we can have a constructive discussion on the direction we want to take with Edenhorde.

To start, I agree with everything that has been said above. I was prepared to write a whole paragraph but see that it won’t be necessary thanks to the great input of other holders.

However, I would like to emphasise the importance of having a dedicated team working on Edenhorde and exploring different ways to really develop Edenhorde as a multimedia franchise in Web 3.

Because the focus of the MC team, understandable, has to be shared between all the work on MC and Edenhorde. I feel that Edenhorde doesn’t have the focus it needs to really fulfil the goal that was envisioned at the beginning.

We can start small by having a team of 2 full time dedicated members who can help with the organisation of projects like Eclipse, business opportunities and engagement.

This duo won’t have to come up with all the ideas, but this is a great way to develop or actively support community members’ ideas.

Let’s make it happen!

A Periwinkle

GM fellas

I only hold EH not MC holder and I think the vision the team is showing through the announcement is the best path to add value to EH.

It clearly makes more sense to play out the box and keep the mystery alive than to compete directly with other “potential blue chip projects”, I dont think its negative that things are going on in the shadows. Transparency is optional for NFTs (momentum assets). If you want to be in a favorable position, it is better to vague.

I am so degenerate and enjoy art meets anarchy, cant find nice restructuring idea and constructive proposal. I maintain a neutral view on full time workers and BDs, which are basically double edged swords, can’t reverse the momentum either. Anyways, experimental world building project is good, no desire to hold norime.

Will wait more time to see what changes will happen!

Thank you for starting this thread.

We truly believe EH=MC, success relies on the Beta (Gaming market growth) plus the Alpha (Team efforts & communities’ contribution).

Merit Circle has a very comprehensive gaming ecosystem layout.
Including Investment / Gaming launchpad platform / Vertical Marketplace & Aggregator / Gaming studio / IP.

We can see Edenhorde is originally located in the Gaming studio / IP.

I can fully understand why communities hard to do some help and have to recommend team to add more dedicated subject area experts because Gaming Studio / IP building are very professional & long-term missions, need heavily investment.

A brand strategy leader is needed. So that we can come up more proposal and submit to grants program.

Best regards,

Hello everyone,

Thanks once again for the input.

We’re seeing various questions and concerns across various responses to this thread that have been previously addressed in the Medium post. Therefore, we’d like to invite you to read this post carefully once again.

The main topic here being the funding aspect of Edenhorde. An insert from the article;

Transparency on funding
Another topic we would like to discuss is the Edenhorde project funding. This topic has been brought up multiple times within the discord environment, with varying perspectives that sometimes are too far away from the reality.

Edenhorde was started as an NFT project launched by the Merit Circle DAO, as a simple way to show our gratitude towards our community. We mentioned that the funds raised through the initial mint and secondary sales, would find its way to the DAO’s treasury. We never intended to set up a new sort of treasury that would be directly connected to the project, Edenhorde, itself.

We are aware of the pros and cons of this approach for parties involved. The downside is the discrepancy between the ETH raised throughout the launch of Edenhorde and the project’s development budget. The ETH raised has made its way to the treasury after following ***MIP-7.

Positively, the strong correlation with the Merit Circle DAO allows Edenhorde to enjoy a constant inflow of funding, as long as the DAO sees value in its development. Additionally, this connection is expressed through occasional sweeps and a wide range of Edenhorde NFTs purchased by the DAO held in its treasury.

While the structure of the project’s funding may not sound ideal for people who are only Edenhorde holders, and not necessarily $MC holders, we have shared this structure from the outset. Now, we also mentioned the entry into the Merit Circle ecosystem through Edenhorde, which will be made possible with project Amginae. This project will be realized in both 2023 and 2024, thereafter its future will be decided upon vote through the DAO’s governance.

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Hello horders. Glad to see all of the ideas floating around and awesome feedback from everyone!

I would like to start by saying that there are a decent amount of comments regarding the direction of Edenhorde that I believe will be addressed once more information about project Amginea is released. I attended the announced Parliament meeting on discord with some team members on 2/13, so this statement is backed by some more specific details about Amginea that were discussed during the meeting, and not just hopium.

Several comments with that in mind:

  • I think the idea of a having a dedicated team member to focus on EH branding, IP, collabs, etc. is a good idea. Correct me if I’m wrong, but going through MC Grants might be the best way to approach this, obviously a formal proposal detailing compensation and such would need to be drafted.

  • I agree that communication amongst the horde is a bit scattered between several different discord channels, and now on MC discussion threads as well. I agree with @drcomot and @JonnyFitz that communication can be streamlined between the team and constructive community members. Perhaps the existing Parliament channel on discord could be used for this? Let every holder have access to the server, with the purpose / theme of the Parliament to discuss the community’s ambitions for expanding Edenhorde IP. A simple google doc could be created and pinned in the channel to help provide some structure to these community inspired ideas. (how exactly does this idea expand IP? how much funding will the idea need? what is the timeline in developing the idea? etc.). Filled out forms could then be posted in the MC discussion threads and/or grant proposals via Guardians or the aforementioned dedicated team member.

  • Lastly, and most importantly, I believe that at this point in time all efforts should be focused on delivering Eclipse in its best form possible (I know this is mentioned in the medium post, I just find it imperative to reiterate here). This would reward current holders by delivering on the road map, and I think has the potential to really breathe some life back into the community via weekly competitions or something ($ MC?). Delivering a gaming product will also strengthen the larger DAO ecosystem by having a place for EH holders to interact with their IP, while giving MC holders a way to game and earn more MC; after all EH = MC. If this requires additional funding for dev work via a MC grant, I think that would be a wise decision.

Stoked again to see the discussions, lets keep it up!

That was only drcomot who had questions about the funding, but thanks for clarifying. What can you tell us about someone taking up the role of Brand Strategy Leader?

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